Rhino Skin Solutions Dry 4oz 120ml Spray For Climbing & Bouldering

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Rhino Skin Solutions DRY is a skin care product designed for climbers, to toughen and increase session durability rather than regenerate damaged skin.

Dry spray helps to decrease sweat on hands and feet. Simply spray on an let dry.

Dry spray can be used to; Help skin last longer while rock climbing. Keep hands and feet dry and warm in gloves and boots. Decrease sweating in nerve induced sweating incidences such as foosball, archery, riflery, gymnastics, scary movie watching, date night, driving etc…

Directions: Spray onto desired area once a week. Lasts up to three days. Activation takes eight hours. Do not wash off during activation period. For increased effectiveness apply multiple times per week.

Caution: do not get in eyes or nose. Use product as directed. If skin becomes overly dry discontinue use until symptoms resolve.

This product will reduce or eliminate sweating in applied area for up to three days.*

After 2 weeks of use discontinue use until application area begins to sweat again.

Formulated by a pharmacist and created by a chef, Rhino Skin Solution products are packed with essential active ingredients. For high moisture, high turnover skin types this alcohol based antiperspirant DRY spray will reduce or fully eliminate sweating for up to three days, allowing you to climb or ski with more grip and for longer. Simply spay on and leave on for increased round friction. Climbers will have less sweaty hands whilst skiiers will have dryer, warmer hands and feet.


Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methenamine, Magnesium, Menthol.

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